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"I would like to put in my compliments to Dr. Libby Hays of Mobile Cat & Dog Vet.  She comes to you!!  And how nice it is to have a real professional who knows her stuff.  She really takes the time to make sure my cat gets exactly what she needs, and doesn’t charge ridiculous prices"

John Smith



"When our beloved terrier Abby suddenly became seriously ill, we were confronted with a dilemma. She is a previously abused rescue dog that is terrified of visits to the vet. In fact, the last time she saw the vet for a routine exam she jumped off the exam table very nearly causing a severe injury. Since Dr. Libby had made house calls to care for the cats of two of our friends, we decided to save Abby from a frightening office visit and called her. Although the weather was bad, Dr. Libby arrived at our home very quickly and offered high quality care in a manner that allowed Abby to remain calm and comforted. Dr. Libby’s professionalism, follow up phone calls and return visits have convinced us that Abby is receiving the best of care."

 Lee and Steven Hager

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