At Mobile Cat & Dog Vet, we offer animal hospice and palliative care services for pets with life limiting or incurable diseases. The goal of hospice and palliative care is to maintain a pain-free, good quality of life for as long as possible.


Animal hospice includes the following services:

  • Care focused on providing pain control and physical comfort to the pet, as well as educational support and emotional comfort for caregivers.

  • A team approach to providing assistance in promoting quality of life for the pet that includes palliation of pain and preparation for death.

  • A veterinarian serving as a teacher, enabling family members to care for their pet’s medical and emotional needs at home.

  • Time for families to adjust to the pet’s progressive disease and say goodbye in a kinder, more personal way.


Many pet parents choose hospice care in order to participate in decision making about their pet’s end of life needs, giving the entire family time to prepare for the pending goodbye to their companions and plan for a peaceful death.


Dr. Libby will take the time to thoroughly review your pet’s history and evaluate their current condition, as well as environmental factors that may be affecting your pet’s condition. Other factors such as mobility, behavioral and cognitive changes, nutrition, and family lifestyle will be considered. A personal plan will be implemented to keep your pet comfortable and happy.



At any time, if your pet’s comfort and well-being cannot be maintained, at-home euthanasia is available to help make the journeys end peaceful, comfortable and stress free.

To learn more about the animal hospice and palliative care services offered at Mobile Cat & Dog Vet, and whether they are the right fit for you and your pet, please call us at 541-647-6810.



For additional resources and a list of Frequently Asked Questions about animal hospice and palliative care, visit the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC) website: http://www.iaahpc.org/for-pet-parents.html